Monday, June 4, 2012

Now Walkability Equates to Status

I've been making the argument for a long time that walkable communities are more valuable, see more pricing increases, hold value during economic downturns, etc. than drivable, suburban areas.  Now the NYT states that living in walkable communities can show your socioeconomic status.  Of course, this is a Chris Leinberger op-ed based upon his recent Brookings Institution study, so its not as if the NYT itself is making this claim.  But, its nice to see in those pages.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Do we really need a 35 member transit governance board?

The AJC provides a nice editorial today arguing against the State of Georgia's proposed transit governance board which seemingly provides nothing but a huge bureaucratic nightmare.  The State fails to support MARTA, resulting in that organization's financial challenges.  Apparently many in the Gold Dome do not believe that the Atlanta region can govern its own transit system as a result of the challenges imposed by the State on MARTA.  Yes, we need a regional body to ensure that the proposed increased transit and transportation system operates as a regional system, not a confederacy of disjointed local systems.  But do we really need that much bureaucracy?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Revised DC zoning has a retro look

I'm happy to hear about the proposed changes to the D.C. zoning code that look more like developments prior to WWII.  I particularly like the relaxed restrictions on commercial development in residential areas, allowing for the "corner store" to make a comeback.  It is a shame that most of the country has lost the ability to walk to a store WITHIN the neighborhood, rather than having to drive to any commercial area.  I'm sure there will be significant opposition to this provision, but hopefully the relaxed restriction proponents will prevail.  Now if we could just bring back the corner neighborhood bar....